Stainless steel anal beads 'Brett'

The soft and gentle insertion of the toy into the anus will be a favorite way to please yourself. A beautiful and stylish accessory will appeal to both beginners and experienced connoisseurs of anal art.

The anal stimulator is designed to be as comfortable as possible and looks amazingly stylish. Made in the form of neat balls of silver color, it will gently and pleasantly stimulate, giving an unearthly sensation. The small size of the toy allows novice users to use it. The accessory consists of a metal cavity. The toys from our store have a unique coating method. The surface is not only perfectly smooth, but also has a velvety gliding texture. To maintain the properties of the toy, choose only water-based lubricants when choosing anal lubricant.

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Size Length 24.5cm
Diameter 1.85cm - 2.65cm