Stainless steel cage 3 sizes 'Ricky'

Our Metal Chastity Cage is made from a medically safe, very durable and pretty light stainless steel material. However you use this device, it is guaranteed to bring forth some results - be it obedience, a better sex life or longer erections after taking it off.

You can get this cage in three different sizes of S, M and L - check if either one of these suits you in the size chart below. It just doesn't roll of the tongue to call this cage a sex toy - you definitely won't be having fun while unable to take it off if your Dom gets mad. It can be used to tease your cock with different temperatures - after all, stainless steel is temperature sensitive, so whether you put it into freezing or hot (not boiling!) water before putting it on your cock, some teeth-gritting sensations are guaranteed. If needed, just put on some lube before slipping it on and you're good to go. Just don't forget to wash the cage afterwards!

Tame & train your uncontrollable cock - you will thank us later.

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension DiameterĀ  40mm/ 45mm/50mm
Weight 130/140/160g