Stainless steel device with invisible lock 'Jimmie'

Your lover laughs at your helplessness as you try and beg to be freed... But it's all futile. Sounds like a scenario that should be reversed? Well, not anymore. Our Stainless Steel Muzzle is a toy that will seriously make you consider getting on your knees - or pleasuring your Mistress/Master until they let you go. Yes, they have that power - as long as they have the keys to this gorgeous chastity device.

The open design of this cage that features multiple steel rings will allow for your Dominant partner to stroke, lick and tease you however they want to - all without letting you go. 

You will not get the right to take this device off even when you need a bathroom break - the perforation at the tip made specifically for peeing will erase all of your excuses. The only excuse to take it off is any unusual pain or a safe word - make sure to establish the latter with your partner. Other than that, just clean the cage on a daily basis with some sprayable sex toy cleaner suited for metal devices or disinfect it in boiling water. Occasional soak in soap will suffice too - don’t forget to dry it off afterwards.

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Dimension 40mm, 45mm, 50mm