Stainless steel handcuffs 'Alyssa'

Strong, beautiful handcuffs from the official 50 Shades of Gray collection. They are able to reliably restrain movement and add more unique sensations during intimacy!

Made of high quality, durable and hypoallergenic metal. Their size is adjustable, the handcuffs are easily fastened, and they can be unfastened with the help of small and beautiful keys, or with the help of special levers in case the keys are lost. The handcuffs are very strong, they will withstand any passion, while not damaging the delicate skin of the wrists. They will be an indispensable accessory for BDSM games. The handcuffs are linked by a strong chain.

Feel like the characters of the famous trilogy "50 Shades of Gray" and add more incredible memories to your intimate life!

Stainless steel
Size Thickness: 5mm
High: 20mm
Size S: Cuffs Inner Diameter  55mm
Size M: Cuffs Inner Diameter 60mm
Size L: Cuffs Inner Diameter 70mm
Size XL: Cuffs Inner Diameter 85mm
Package 1 Pair Cuffs + 1 Pair T Key + 1 Piece Chain