Stainless steel male toy 'Lillie'

If efficiency in both design and functioning style are what you're looking for, then this sturdy stainless-steel cage will definitely grab your attention, heart and cock in seconds. This solid device will make the wearer the most submissive little sissy who’s completely at your will - as long as you hold onto the keys. You won't even need to remind him that he's your sweet slave - the weight of this device will do it for you. The ability to completely enclose a cock comes with a price and a weight, so don't be surprised!

Our Metal Chastity Cage comes in two variants - a shorter and a longer version. You can choose from three cock ring sizes. Make sure to check out the chart below so that you get the best fit. It's essential for a good chastity experience. And so is the maintaining of your device! Once purchased, don't forget to clean the cage after every use. Some soapy water (use mild, fragrance-free soap) and a cloth will do just fine - but sometimes disinfect it in boiling water as well. The small drilled holes at the sides will make sure your manhood doesn't choke from air shortage - and the little slot for urination at the tip will make any dreams about taking it off for a peeing break cease to exist.

Since Chastity Cage is made from a high-quality stainless-steel material, it also has the appropriate properties. Steel is temperature sensitive - and you can use it to your own advantage, whether you're a Dom or a sub. Just don't put it on right after disinfecting it in boiling water - that would definitely burn off the poor cock.

The most supernatural kind of sex games are just one purchase away! So don’t be a scaredy cat and get yourself a toy so good you’ll think it’s from another planet.

Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension Diameter: 40mm/45mm/50mm
Size Short cage size: 85mm(45mm)*33mm
Long cage size: 90mm(55mm)*33mm