Stainless steel toy with catheter 'Bob'

If you're into toys that aren't in the norm of sexual pleasure devices - welcome. If the name of this cage was what caught your attention, then stay and read on. The Pleasurable Torture Metal Chastity Cage is one of the sweetest cock-ball torture devices in our sex toy assortment. Featuring an external brass padlock and a urethral pipe for additional pleasure mixed with pain, this wonderful minimalistic toy will capture the hearts of those who are ready to get deeply invested in BDSM and chastity worlds.

Make sure to check out the size chart below and choose the cock ring that will make your chastity hours both fun and comfortable. Well, fun only if you're a bit masochistic - whoever holds the keys to this cage probably won't hold back in torturing your poor locked up penis. After all, it's so exposed and yet unable to do anything, so why not play with it?

Find pleasure in torture, find torture in unnecessary pleasure and drop it. Harmony is what makes everything great!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Inner diameter of Clamp Ring 40mm, 45mm, 50mm
Size Length of cage - 100mm
The diameter of catheter - 8mm
The length of Catheter - 130mm
The inside diameter of catheter - 3mm
3 ring diameter of cage - 37mm, 37mm, 33mm