Stainless steel vaginal balls 'Terrell'

Metal vaginal balls will help you tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises and regular training.

Compact vaginal balls designed to strengthen the vaginal muscles through Kegel exercises. Regular training will allow you to strengthen your intimate muscles, tighten them and get them in shape after childbirth, as well as keep them in good shape for a more effective sex life. Kegel exercises contribute to getting brighter and more sensual orgasms, and strong muscles also give incredible sensations to your partner during sex, because elastic muscles are able to squeeze a man's penis more tightly in the process. Vaginal balls will perfectly improve the quality of intimate life of both partners and bring new vivid sensations from sex.

The balls themselves are very smooth and comfortable. They are made of high quality, hard and durable metal. The material is completely harmless to health and hypoallergenic. Have a good training!

Material Metal
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