Steel male chastity device 'Bob'

If your relationship lately has been enduring some distress, maybe it's time to fire off an emergency signal? Just not the usual kind. Your sexual problems are our problems too - that's why we're presenting you the Metal Chastity Cage, made for a definite success in your chastity.

Metal Chastity Cage is made from pure stainless steel that will completely enclose your flaccid cock once you put it on. You might need some lubrication and that is completely fine - as long as the measurements actually fit, so make sure to check them out in the chart below. Of course, there is also an external brass padlock that comes with three keys - just in case you want to share your sub with someone else, or, well, make sure he doesn't get stuck in this cage forever. That would definitely require a distress signal... sent straight to the doctor.

Urination with this device is not a problem - that is taken care of thanks to the slot at the tip. It also has ventilation holes on the side. Even though your cock will be completely isolated from any physical contact, it won't shrink from oxygen shortage. You can also use the vents for occasional clean-ups while you're wearing it - cotton swabs or a shower head with good water pressure will certainly help you do that. Just don't forget to also clean it once it's off!

Color/Type Silver Penis Ring
Material Stainless Steel
Size 40mm, 45mm, 50mm