The best spankers for adults 'Lavender'

When you want to try something completely new in bed, the lash from our store Sarah Belle will become your faithful assistant in this. The toy is able to give absolutely incredible, sharp and new sensations without harm to health.

The spankers is made entirely of pleasant and high-quality material of the original color, which makes it original against the background of other lashes, mostly made of leather or substitutes. Spankers are made with a dense and durable handle decorated with a loop. The sexy toy will give powerful and sharp blows, or it can be used for light and tantalizing touches to the body. In this case, the toy will not cause any harm to the body. With this amazing toy, role play in bed will become an unforgettable adventure - intimate, enjoyable and filled with pleasure.

PU Leather
Size Size S:
Length 25cm
Width 4cm
Weight 48g
Size L: 
Length 45.5cm
Width 5.5cm
Weight 110g
Package 1 x Spankers