Vagina trainer 'Traci'

Glass vaginal balls are able to strengthen the vaginal muscles and, thanks to Kegel exercises, keep them in good shape. Beautiful toys are quality vaginal balls made of durable transparent glass without harmful substances. The material is smooth, very durable and strong, pleasant to the touch and completely harmless to health. The balls can be used either separately or in bundles with each other. Kegel exercises with balls without silicone shell will complicate your workouts, and therefore the effect will be more vivid and impressive.

Not only can you make your vaginal muscles firmer and more elastic, but as a result, you can have brighter and more explosive orgasms during sex. Strong intimate muscles will delight your partner as well when his penis is firmly wrapped in your powerful muscles. For a more pleasant penetration and comfortable feeling during intimate training, use a water-based lubricant. After use, the balls must be rinsed and treated with a sex toy cleaner.

Material Glass
Length: 20cm
Diameter: 3.5cm