Vaginal balls 'Rafael'

Vaginal balls will appeal to fans of an active lifestyle. They will help in the shortest possible time to strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis, without distracting you from your daily activities.

Vaginal balls are a great workout for vaginal muscles. Thanks to their unique design, they help to strengthen the muscles that are directly responsible for your orgasm.

Vaginal balls can be used at home, during sports, on a walk, even in the bathroom or pool. They will not cause you any discomfort. You can go about your daily activities and exercise your vaginal muscles at the same time. Imagine how many violent orgasms await you after such training! It's worth it!

The vaginal balls have a stylish design that makes them attractive not only to the touch, but also visually. The soft material from which the vaginal balls are made is hypoallergenic.

Material Medical Silicone
One Ball size: 3.8cm x 3.8cm
64g Size: 7.5cm x 3cm
50g Size: 8.5cm x 3.5cm
Remote Control: 6.3cm x 3.5cm
Pink, Purple
10 Kinds Strong Vibration Mode
Kegel Balls + remote control + charging cable