Vaginal trainer 'Emilio'

Bright, high-quality and comfortable vaginal balls, which will not only bring pleasure to the girl, but will always be a faithful assistant for training vaginal muscles and keeping them in excellent condition. 

The balls are made of high quality silicone, delicate and incredibly pleasant, you just have to touch them. Their appearance is made as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and the shape is such that the use brings only comfort. These balls have an absolutely smooth surface and a very flexible connection that allows the toy to be inserted into the vagina at any desired angle. Squeezing and relaxing muscles, trying to keep the toy in the body only with them, you can easily learn to control internal contractions, which will be a huge advantage in sex. Also, such exercises allow you to keep the muscles always healthy, strong and in good shape.

The balls do not require any special knowledge to use, they are beautiful, comfortable and reliable. They can be used not only in bed, but also in the shower, since the material is absolutely not afraid of water.

Material Medical Silicone
Size Size 1: 9.6cm x 3.3cm (45g)
Size 2: 13.9cm x 3.3cm (90g)
Size 3: 13.6cm x 3.3cm (90g)
Color Pink, Purple