Whip with diamond pattern 'Lillie'

A sex toy is a real 2 in 1, because it combines this product in itself and a flogger for gentle and rough caresses. As for hard caresses with elements of BDSM, the toy will perfectly cope with this task, as it is a stylish flogger that will give your partner strong and sensual blows. Made of high-quality material, they will tenderly caress the naked body of a naughty partner or give a pleasant pain from passionate and intense spanking. Tease your favorite body and watch it wriggle from gentle touches or punish mercilessly and beat until red patterns on the skin? It's up to you to decide.

The whip is very comfortable to hold in your hand and deliver even the most passionate and intense blows, since the handle of the toy is embossed, and therefore you can firmly fix the flogger in your hand. The toy is completely harmless to health, hypoallergenic and does not contain harmful substances. With such a toy, you can enjoy yourself and your partner.

Size 32cm x 6.5cm
Package 1 x Whip